Mystic Production

Mystic Production is one of the largest Polish independent record labels[citation needed]. It was founded by Barbara Mikuła in 1995 in Skała near Cracow. The company was initially releasing and distributing heavy metal music, including early albums by artists such as Sceptic, Asgaard and Virgin Snatch. It has since expanded and has been releasing rock, punk rock, alternative rock, progressive rock and pop artists, and its roster currently includes names such as Behemoth, Acid Drinkers, Coma, Czesław Śpiewa, Grzegorz Turnau, Gaba Kulka, Happysad and KSU, among others.[1]

Mystic Production
FounderBarbara Mikuła
Distributor(s)Indie Recordings, Armoury Records, Eagle Rock, Mascot Records
GenreHeavy metal, rock, pop, jazz
Country of originPoland
LocationSkała, Poland

Mystic Production operates also in Czech Republic and Slovakia with office in Horní Suchá.[2]

Since 1996 label owns and runs Mystic Art music magazine (ISSN 1427-5538).

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