NHS National Services Scotland

NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) is a Non Departmental Public Body which provides advice and services to the rest of NHS Scotland.

Accountable to the Scottish Government, NSS works at the heart of the health service, providing national strategic support services and expert advice to NHS Scotland. It also plays an active and crucial role in the delivery of effective healthcare to patients and the public.

This supporting role to NHS Scotland means the organisation works closely with other NHS organisations, especially NHS Boards, in the delivery of services. Health Support services enable NHS Boards to focus on delivering health improvement and patient care. Business Support services help NHS Boards to operate more efficiently and effectively. National Services Scotland (NSS) is the common name for the Common Services Agency for NHS Scotland.

NSS employs around 3,600 highly specialised staff based at locations in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee and Livingston.[1]

Services was organised into six Strategic Business Units in 2013/2014,[2] after previously being made up of a number of divisions:[3]

On 1 April 2020 the Public Health and Intelligence business unit was transferred to Public Health Scotland.[4]