NZR RM class (Edison battery-electric)

The NZR RM class Edison battery-electric railcar was a railcar that ran in Canterbury, New Zealand for eight years. It was built for New Zealand Railways (NZR) as a prototype for battery-electric railcars. While the railcar, classified "RM 6", was considered the first successful railcar in New Zealand,[4] it was later destroyed in a fire, and battery-electric traction for railcars was not developed further in New Zealand. Two other classes of battery-electric locomotives were introduced about the same time as RM 6, the E class of 1922 and the EB class of 1925.

Edison battery-electric railcar
NZR RM 6, Edison battery-electric railcar in 1926. AP Godber Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library.
Type and origin
Power typeBattery-electric
BuilderBoon & Stevens
Build date1926
Gauge3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)
Length55 ft 4 in over headstocks[1]
Performance figures
Maximum speed45 mph (72 km/h)
Number in class1
NumbersRM 6
First run17 June 1926[2]
Last runMay 1934[3]
ScrappedDecember 1942[3]