Narcissus of Jerusalem

Saint Narcissus of Jerusalem (c. 99 (reputedly) – c. 216) was an early patriarch of Jerusalem. He is venerated as a saint by both the Western and Eastern Churches. In the Roman Catholic Church, his feast day is celebrated on October 29, while in the Eastern Orthodox Church it is celebrated on August 7.


Narcissus of Jerusalem
Stained glass window depicting St Nacrissus
Bishop of Jerusalem and Confessor
Bornc. AD 99 (reputedly)
Diedc. AD 216 (aged around 117)
Aelia Capitolina (Jerusalem), Syria Palaestina
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Oriental Orthodoxy
FeastOctober 29 (Roman Catholic Church)
August 7 (Eastern Orthodox Church)
AttributesDepicted as a Bishop holding a thistle in blossom; pitcher of water near him; an angel depicted carrying his soul to Heaven.