Nasarawa State

Nasarawa is a state in north central geopolitical zone in Nigeria. Its capital is Lafia.

Location of Nasarawa State in Nigeria
Coordinates: 8°32′N 8°18′E
Country Nigeria
Date created1 October 1996
  Governor[1]Abdullahi Sule
  Deputy GovernorDr. Emmanuel Akabe
  Total27,117 km2 (10,470 sq mi)
  Total$3.02 billion[3]
  Per capita$1,588[3]
Time zoneUTC+01 (WAT)
ISO 3166 codeNG-NA
HDI (2018)0.574[4]
medium · 19th of 37


Nasarawa was created on 1 October 1996 by the Abacha government from the (today neighboring) Plateau State.[5]


Nasarawa State is bounded in the north by Kaduna State, in the west by the Federal Capital Territory, in the south by Kogi and Benue States and in the east by Taraba and Plateau States.

A network of roads exist within the state, linking all rural areas and major towns. The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) operates train services from Kuru, Gombe and Maiduguri.


The Governor of Nasarawa State is the executive. The state legislature, Nasarawa State House of Assembly, is located in Lafia.

Local Government Areas

The State has three National Senatorial Districts (South, North and West).

Nasarawa State consists of thirteen (13) Local Government Areas (shown with 2006 population figures[6]):

Nasarawa West Senatorial District716,802
Nasarawa North Senatorial District335,453
Nasarawa South Senatorial District811,020

List of current Local Government Area Chairmen.[7]


Languages of Nasarawa State listed by LGA:[8]

AkwangaDuhwa; Eggon; Fulani; Gwandara; Hausa; Mada; Mama; Ninzo; Numana; Nungu
AweHausa; Fulani; Gwandara; Eggon; Goemai; Lijili; Tiv; Wapan
DomaAlago; Eggon; Tiv; Agatu; Fulani; Hausa;
KaruAshe; Duya; Eggon; Gade; Nyankpa
KeanaAlago; Gwandara;Eggon; Tiv; Fulani KeffiHausa; Fulani; Gade; Eggon;Gbagyi; Gwandara; Koro Wachi
KokonaGwandara; Fulani; Hausa; Eggon
LafiaBare-Bari; Hausa; Fulani; Ake; Alago; Agatu; Eggon; Goemai; Gwandara; Kofyar; Lijili; Tiv; Wapan
NasarawaHausa; Fulani; Agatu; Alago; Basa; Egbura; Eloyi; Gade; Gbagyi; Gwandara; Eggon; Tiv
Nasarawa-EggonEggon; Mada; Nungu; Fulani; Hausa
ObiAlago; Hausa; Fulani; Eggon; Tiv
TotoEgbura Agatu; Eggon; Gade; Fulani; Hausa
WambaAlumu-Tesu; Bu; Eggon; Hasha; Fulani; Kantana; Nungu; Toro


Concrete block factory in Nasarawa State.

Nasarawa State has agriculture as the mainstay of its economy with the production of varieties of cash crops throughout the year. It also contains various minerals such as salt, baryte, and bauxite, which are mostly mined by artisanal miners.


The state has a College of Education in Akwanga, Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa, College of Agriculture in Lafia, Isa Mustapha Agwai I Polytechnic Lafia, Nasarawa State University Faculty of Agriculture Lafia Camous, a newly established Federal University of Lafia, Mewar International University at Masaka, Bingham University at Karu, NACAP polytechnic Akwanga, Command secondary school Lafia, Command secondary school Rinze, Vocational And Relevant technology board, and many primary and secondary schools.


Nasarawa State is home to the Farin Ruwa Falls in Wamba Local Government area of the state. Farin Ruwa falls is reputed to be one of the highest falls in Africa.[9]

There is also the Salt Village in Keana Local Government Area of the State. It produces naturally iodized salt from the lake located near it. The town is also one of the cradles of Alago civilization, one of the major ethnic groups in the state.

Another tourist site in Nasarawa State is the Maloney Hill.[10]

Here is a view of keffi town and a beautiful sunset at Maloney Hill.

Keffi Town from the top of Maloney Hill
Sunset on Maloney Hill

Notable people


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