National Action (Italy)

National Action (Italian: Azione Nazionale, AN) was a conservative political party in Italy.

National Action
Azione Nazionale
LeaderGianni Alemanno
PresidentPasquale Viespoli
CoordinatorFausto Orsomarso
Founded9 November 2015
Dissolved18 February 2017
Preceded byFuture and Freedom for Italy
Merged intoNational Movement for Sovereignty
HeadquartersRome, Italy
National conservatism
Political positionRight-wing
Colours  Blue

Its members initially insisted that National Action, whose acronym is intentionally identical to that of the defunct National Alliance, was not a party, but a cultural association. The new AN's mentors were Gianfranco Fini (founder and leader of National Alliance, minister of Foreign Affairs, deputy prime minister and president of the Chamber of Deputies) and Gianni Alemanno (former leading member of National Alliance, minister of Agricolture and mayor of Rome).[1][2][3]

National Action includes people affiliated to several groups, notably including FreeRight (a liberal-conservative association led by Fini),[4][5][6] Italy First (a national- and social-conservative party led by Alemanno)[7][8] and Alto Adige in the Heart (a regional party led by Alessandro Urzì in South Tyrol), and various individuals previously active in the old AN.

In 2017 the party was merged, along with The Right, into the National Movement for Sovereignty.