National Assembly (Hungary)

The National Assembly (Hungarian: Országgyűlés; "Country Assembly") is the parliament of Hungary. The unicameral body consists of 199 (386 between 1990 and 2014) members elected to 4-year terms. Election of members is done using a hybrid system of parallel voting and compensation via transfer votes; involving single-member districts and one list vote; parties must win at least 5% of the popular vote in order to gain list seats assembly. The Assembly includes 25 standing committees to debate and report on introduced bills and to supervise the activities of the ministers. The Constitutional Court of Hungary has the right to challenge legislation on the grounds of constitutionality. The assembly has met in the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest since 1902.

National Assembly

László Kövér, Fidesz
since 6 August 2010
Márta Mátrai, Fidesz
since 1 January 2013
Leader of largest
political group
Máté Kocsis, Fidesz
since 2018
Leader of 2nd largest
political group
Péter Jakab, Jobbik
since 26 June 2019
Political groups
Government (133)
  •   Fidesz–KDNP (133)

Supported by (1)

Opposition (65)

Partially parallel, partially compensatory voting: 106 FPTP seats, 93 PR seats with 5% electoral threshold (D'Hondt method)
Last election
8 April 2018
Next election
2022 or before
Meeting place
Hungarian Parliament Building
Lajos Kossuth Square 1
Budapest, H-1055
National Assembly
Autumn session - 2015

The current members are the members of the National Assembly of Hungary (2018–2022).