National Assembly (Suriname)

The National Assembly (De Nationale Assemblée, The Assembly, commonly abbreviated "DNA") is the Parliament, representing the legislative branch of government in Suriname. It is a unicameral legislature. The assembly is situated in the former park house at the Independence Square in Paramaribo, after a fire destroyed the old building of representation on 1 August 1996.[1]

National Assembly

De Nationale Assemblée
8th Surinamese National Assembly
Marinus Bee, ABOP
since 14 July 2020
Dew Sharman, VHP
since 29 June 2020
Political groups
Government (33)
  •   VHP (20)
  •   ABOP (8)[lower-alpha 1]
  •   NPS (3)
  •   PL (2)[lower-alpha 1]

Opposition (18)

Open list proportional representation
Last election
25 May 2020
Next election

The 51 members of parliament are elected every five years by open list proportional representation on the basis of the country's component districts. The most recent elections were held on 25 May 2020. The current Chairman of the Assembly, Marinus Bee,[2] was appointed on 14 July 2020. Dew Sharman was appointed as Vice Chairman on 29 June 2020.[3]

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