National Assembly (Serbia)

The National Assembly (Serbian Cyrillic: Народна скупштина, romanized: Narodna skupština, pronounced [nǎːrodnaː skûpʃtinaː]) is the unicameral legislature of Serbia. The assembly is composed of 250 deputies who are proportionally elected to four-year terms by secret ballot. The assembly elects a president (speaker) who presides over the sessions.[1]

National Assembly

Народна скупштина

Narodna skupština
Ivica Dačić (SPS)
since 22 October 2020
Vice Presidents
Political groups
Government (230)
  AV – ZND (180)
  SPS (24)
  PUPS (9)
  JS (8)
  SDPS (8)
Supported by (13)
  VMSZ/SVM[lower-alpha 1] (9)
  SPPUSS (5)
Opposition (7)
  UV–SDA (6)
  Independent (1)[lower-alpha 5]
PR with 3% electoral threshold (D'Hondt method)
Last election
21 June 2020
Next election
3 April 2022
Meeting place
House of the National Assembly
13 Nikola Pašić Square,
Belgrade, Serbia

The National Assembly exercises supreme legislative power. It adopts and amends the Constitution, elects Government, appoints and dismisses Constitutional Court judges, president of the Supreme Court of Cassation, Governor of the National Bank of Serbia and other state officials. All decisions are made by majority vote of deputies at the session at which a majority of deputies are present, except for amending the Constitution, when a two-thirds majority is needed.[2]

The assembly convenes in the House of the National Assembly in Belgrade.[2]