National Democrats Party

The National Democrats Party (NDP) was a small right-wing political party in New Zealand, formed in 1999 by Anton Foljambe.

New Zealand National Democrats Party
ChairpersonAnton Foljambe

The party described itself as "New Zealand's only conservative political party". It was generally regarded as crypto-fascist, but not racist. Foljambe ran as an election candidate two or three times, with poor results. Kyle Chapman became Deputy Chairman of the NDP, and ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of Christchurch in 2007, pulling approximately 1% of the vote.[1]

The party's policies included strident anti-communism and anti-feminism, the restoration of capital punishment and corporal punishment and strong national defence. It advocated a "corporatist" constitution, and had a conspiratorial view of world events.

Foljambe resigned from the party in 2007. The party now appears to be defunct. Its website is no longer operational.


  1. Jacobson, Julie (2011). "The wackiest candidates win our votes". Retrieved 23 November 2011. Making waves - or possibly up for a salute or three - on the Mainland was Kyle Chapman, former National Front leader standing under the National Democrats banner for Christchurch mayor.