National Legislature (Sudan)

The National Legislature (Arabic: المجلس التشريعي السوداني, Al-Maǧlis al-Ttašriyʿiy) is the legislative branch of the government of the Republic of the Sudan.

National Legislature of Sudan
HousesCouncil of States (upper house)
National Assembly (lower house)
Speaker (Assembly)
since 11 April 2019
Speaker (Council of States)
since 11 April 2019
Seats32 + 426
National Assembly last election
2015 Sudanese general election
Meeting place
Omdurman, Sudan

Prior to the 2019 coup d'état, the National Legislature was composed of two chambers:

  • The Council of States (المجلس الولايات السوداني, Al-Maǧlis al-Wilāyāt) had 50 members who are indirectly elected by state legislatures.
  • The National Assembly (المجلس الوطني السوداني, Al-Maǧlis al-Waṭaniy) had 450 directly elected members.

The National Legislature was dissolved on 11 April 2019 following the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir and his National Congress Party in a military coup.[1]

As part of the 2019 Sudanese transition to democracy, a Transitional Legislative Council is to be formed which will function as the legislature of Sudan until elections scheduled for 2022.[2]

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