Rock 'n' Roll Washington DC Marathon

The United Airlines Rock 'n' Roll Washington DC Marathon & 1/2 Marathon, formerly known as the National Marathon, is an annual marathon and half marathon held in Washington, D.C. since 2006. The races take place entirely within Washington, D.C., and finish near RFK Stadium.

Rock 'n' Roll Washington DC Marathon
Start line in front of the D.C. Armory in 2011
LocationWashington, D.C.
Event typeRoad
Primary sponsorUnited Airlines
Established2006 (15 years ago) (2006)
Course recordsMen's: 2:20:45 (2018)
Tyler Andrews
Women's: 2:43:00 (2014)
Nuța Olaru
Official siteRock 'n' Roll USA Marathon

The race is organized by Advance Publications' Ironman Group.

Organizers announced that the race would return on March 27, 2021 as a "Half Marathon event".[1]


The marathon was started by the Greater Washington Sports Alliance in 2006.[2]

In 2007, the National Marathon was sponsored by Wirefly, an online cell phone retailer.

In 2008, SunTrust Banks became the race's primary sponsor. The number of participants was limited to 8,000 in 2008.

The race was sold to Competitor Group, Inc. in 2011 to become part of their Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series.[3]

The 2020 edition of the race was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.[4][1][5][lower-alpha 1]


External images
Course map of full marathon in 2011[8]
Course map of full marathon in 2019[9]
Traversing Connecticut Ave., 2008
Start corrals at the Armory, 2011

Both the marathon course and the half marathon course start on Constitution Avenue near the National Mall and finish near RFK Stadium.[9] In addition, both courses are entirely contained within Washington, D.C.[9]

The course for the inaugural race in 2006 was largely in Washington, D.C., with about 7 miles (11 km) located in Prince George's County, Maryland.[2]

In 2007, the course was altered so that it was located entirely within the District of Columbia. The race in 2008 and thereafter passes through 6 of the District's 8 wards.

In 2012, the start was moved westward from a location near the RFK Stadium and the finish to a location near the National Mall on Constitution Avenue, beginning with the 2013 race.[8][10]

Community impact

Among the beneficiaries of the marathon are Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, Special Olympics District of Columbia, United For D.C., Fort Dupont Ice Arena, Washington Tennis & Education Foundation and Black History Invitational Swim Meet.


Michael Wardian winning in 2011
Ed. Year Men's winner Time Women's winner Time Rf.
1 2006  Michael Wardian (USA)[lower-alpha 2] 2:30:55  Susan Graham-Gray (USA)[lower-alpha 3] 2:58:05 [11]
2 2007  Michael Wardian (USA)[lower-alpha 2] 2:26:35  Katie Blackett (USA)[lower-alpha 4] 2:44:57
3 2008  Michael Wardian (USA)[lower-alpha 2] 2:25:00  Myriam Grenon (CAN)[lower-alpha 5] 2:54:02
4 2009  Patrick Moulton (USA)[lower-alpha 6] 2:21:12  Jeannette Seckinger (USA)[lower-alpha 7] 2:48:41
5 2010  Michael Wardian (USA)[lower-alpha 2] 2:21:59  Krista Vrombaut (USA)[lower-alpha 8] 2:51:16
6 2011  Michael Wardian (USA)[lower-alpha 2] 2:23:01  Nadezhda Tuptova (RUS) 2:50:53
7 2012  Michael Wardian (USA)[lower-alpha 2] 2:26:35  Meghan Bishop (USA)[lower-alpha 3] 3:01:32
8 2013  Peter Lawrence (USA)[lower-alpha 9] 2:32:27  Ashley Olsen (USA)[lower-alpha 3] 2:53:28
9 2014  Adam Doherty (USA)[lower-alpha 2] 2:33:52  Nuța Olaru (USA)[lower-alpha 4] 2:43:00
10 2015  Patrick Moulton (USA)[lower-alpha 6] 2:32:54  Martha Nelson (USA)[lower-alpha 10] 2:55:31
11 2016  Alfredo Arévalo (GTM) 2:30:04  Martha Nelson (USA)[lower-alpha 10] 2:58:02
12 2017  Samuel Doud (USA)[lower-alpha 8] 2:26:57  Christie Wetzel (USA)[lower-alpha 2] 3:04:01
13 2018  Tyler Andrews (USA)[lower-alpha 7] 2:20:45  Rochelle Sceats-Basil (USA)[lower-alpha 2] 2:54:58
14 2019  Tyler Andrews (USA)[lower-alpha 7] 2:24:13  Katie Walter (USA)[lower-alpha 11] 2:59:54
2020cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic[1]
2021marathon cancelled[1]


  1. On 2020.03.11, Mayor Muriel Bowser pulled the permit for the 2020 edition of the race due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the race organizers announced the race's postponement the following day.[6][7] The organizers later announced that the event would be rescheduled for 2020.11.07, but that the marathon distance would not be offered.[7] Eventually, the race was cancelled altogether.[1]
  2. Representing Virginia
  3. Representing Pennsylvania
  4. Representing Colorado
  5. Representing Quebec
  6. Representing Rhode Island
  7. Representing Massachusetts
  8. Representing Illinois
  9. Representing Texas
  10. Representing Washington, D.C.
  11. Representing North Carolina