National Rebirth Alliance

The National Rebirth Alliance (Romanian: Alianța Renașterea Națională, ARN) is a right-wing, Christian conservative[1] political party in Romania. The party's main values are faith, family, and education.[2]

National Rebirth Alliance

Alianța Renașterea Națională
PresidentPeter Costea
FounderPeter Costea
Founded23 December 2019 (2019-12-23)
HeadquartersPiața Plevnei, nr. 4 Timișoara
Political positionCentre-right to right-wing
ReligionRomanian Evangelical
Colors  Dark Blue
  Bright Blue
0 / 136
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 330
European Parliament
0 / 33
0 / 3,176
County Councilors
0 / 1,340
Local Council Councilors
0 / 39,900


The party was formed in 2019 by renowned layer and Coaliția pentru Familie figure, Peter Costea, and his supporters after he failed to enter the European Parliament as an independent in the elections held earlier that year. The relatively new and small party grew in popularity by taking a very pro-life attitude, hoping to unite all anti-abortion movements in the country under its leadership.[3]


The party is defined by its predominant Christian values, most notable being its pro-life and traditional family policies. According to Peter Costea, the right to life is the most fundamental human right and seeks to review the Romanian abortion law, saying: "If we discuss the laws for the euthanasia of animals, why not discuss the granting of personality to the unborn?". The law is deemed by him as being illegitimate as it was issued in 1989 by the National Salvation Front Council in the midst of the anti-communist revolution. The party also opposes same-sex marriage, as well as gender ideology, or any form of sex education for children in schools.[4] Peter Costea aims to open for the first time a real debate on what he calls "non-negotiable principles" in Romania.[5][unreliable source?]

Electoral history

Legislative elections

The results were the following:[6]

Election Chamber Senate Position Aftermath
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
2020 21,577 0.38
0 / 330
23,714 0.42
0 / 136
 11th  Extra-parliamentary opposition to PNL-USR PLUS-UDMR government