Necrophagia was an American death metal band. The band is credited as one of the inaugural groups within the death metal genre, along with Possessed and Death.[1]

Necrophagia at Hellfest 2012
Background information
OriginWellsville, Ohio, U.S.
GenresDeath metal
Years active
  • 1983–1987
  • 1997–2018
Past members
  • Frank Pucci
  • Larry Maddison
  • Anton Crowley (Philip Anselmo)
  • Wayne Fabra
  • Jared Faulk
  • Steve Lehocky
  • Dustin Havnen
  • Mirai Kawashima
  • Frediablo
  • Opal Enthroned
  • Undead Torment
  • Boris Randall
  • Serge Streltsov
  • Jake Arnette
  • Shawn Slusarek
  • Damien Matthews
  • Scrimm
  • Abigail Lee Nero

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