List of neighborhoods of St. Louis

St. Louis is divided into 79 neighborhoods. Census data is collected for each neighborhood, as well as crime data, historic property data, and dining establishment health ratings. National historic neighborhoods are identified by the official neighborhood to which they belong.

Stately French houses in Lafayette Square
Grand brick homes in Skinker–DeBaliviere
Hospitals, apartments, & park in the Central West End

Also, several neighborhood names extend to areas well beyond their technical borders. For example, Downtown St. Louis is generally thought to include the St. Louis Union Station and Enterprise Center, even though Downtown technically ends at Tucker Avenue (12th Street). Additionally, the Fox Theatre and Powell Symphony Hall are popularly considered a part of Midtown St. Louis even though they are in Grand Center. Dogtown is an area south of Forest Park that includes at least 4 distinct neighborhoods.

Moreover, sometimes several neighborhoods are lumped together in categories such as "North City" and "South City." North City used to have large Polish and German, among others, immigrant populations, evidenced by the churches they built, such as St. Stanislaus Kostka Church.

List of neighborhoods

Map of the 79 neighborhoods of St. Louis, Missouri
Red brick homes in Gravois Park

The following is a list of neighborhoods of the city of St. Louis, Missouri.

01 Carondelet 21 Soulard 41 Cheltenham 61 Carr Square
02 Patch 22 Benton Park 42 Clayton/Tamm 62 Columbus Square
03 Holly Hills 23 McKinley Heights 43 Franz Park 63 Old North St. Louis
04 Boulevard Heights 24 Fox Park 44 Hi-Pointe 64 Near North Riverfront
05 Bevo Mill 25 Tower Grove East 45 Wydown/Skinker 65 Hyde Park
06 Princeton Heights 26 Compton Heights 46 Skinker/DeBaliviere 66 College Hill
07 Southampton 27 Shaw 47 DeBaliviere Place 67 Fairground
08 St. Louis Hills 28 Botanical Heights 48 West End 68 O'Fallon
09 Lindenwood Park 29 Tiffany 49 Visitation Park 69 Penrose
10 Ellendale 30 Benton Park West 50 Wells/Goodfellow 70 Mark Twain/I-70 Industrial
11 Clifton Heights 31 Gate District 51 Academy 71 Mark Twain
12 The Hill 32 Lafayette Square 52 Kingsway West 72 Walnut Park East
13 Southwest Garden 33 Peabody/Darst/Webbe 53 Fountain Park 73 North Point
14 North Hampton 34 LaSalle Park 54 Lewis Place 74 Baden
15 Tower Grove South 35 Downtown 55 Kingsway East 75 Riverview
16 Dutchtown 36 Downtown West 56 Greater Ville 76 Walnut Park West
17 Mount Pleasant 37 Midtown 57 The Ville 77 Grand Center
18 Marine Villa 38 Central West End 58 Vandeventer 78 Hamilton Heights
19 Gravois Park 39 Forest Park Southeast 59 JeffVanderLou 79 North Riverfront
20 Kosciusko 40 Kings Oak 60 St. Louis Place


NeighborhoodPopulationWhiteBlackHispanic/Latino2AIAN1AsianMixed RaceCorridor
Benton Park3,53268.
Benton Park West4,40428.059.610.501.95.1South
Bevo Mill12,65474.
Botanical Heights1,03720.374.
Boulevard Heights8,70889.
Carr Square2,7740.598.00.50.300.9North
Central West End14,47358.
Clifton Heights3,07490.
College Hill1,8703.792.
Columbus Square1,8694.
Compton Heights1,31571.
DeBaliviere Place3,46659.
Downtown West3,94056.336.
Forest Park Southeast2,91830.
Fountain Park1,4841.284.48.5004.3North
Fox Park2,63232.361.
Franz Park2,44286.
The Gate District3,54614.482.
Grand Center3,56235.056.32.306.51.4Central
Gravois Park5,22522.468.
Greater Ville6,1890.797.
Hamilton Heights3,1051.
The Hill2,44393.
Holly Hills3,70181.
Hyde Park2,66813.684.80.9001.3North
Kings Oak18055.038.93.902.23.9Central
Kingsway East3,5421.496.
Kingsway West3,4413.494.50.80.501.4North
Lafayette Square2,07880.513.
LaSalle Park1,29928.367.
Lewis Place1,6735.494.
Lindenwood Park9,48691.
Marine Villa2,69137.755.
Mark Twain4,1881.
Mark Twain/I-70 Industrial1,2952.495.81.9000.5North
McKinley Heights1,49748.346.
Mount Pleasant4,40843.
Near North Riverfront55343.
North Hampton7,89275.815.
North Point3,9661.297.50.4001.0North
North Riverfront93714.271.914.1000.1North
Old North St. Louis1,91640.950.
Peabody Darst Webbe2,37810.387.
Princeton Heights7,61991.
South Hampton6,90486.
Southwest Garden4,88576.916.
St. Louis Hills7,37394.
St. Louis Place2,9397.
Tower Grove East5,85345.943.
Tower Grove South13,33354.929.
The Ville1,8681.
Visitation Park9605.890.
Walnut Park East4,1301.596.
Walnut Park West3,3491.197.90.8000.8North
West End6,5748.
All Data from 2010 U.S. Census Bureau[1]

^1 American Indian or Alaskan Native ^2 May be of any race.

The north side of the city is defined as north of Delmar Boulevard, the central corridor as between Delmar and I-44, and the south side as south of I-44.

In 2010 the north side was 94.0% Black, 3.7% White, 0.2% Native American/Alaska Native, 0.2% Asian, 1.5% Two or More Races and 0.5% Some Other Race. 1.1% of the population was of Hispanic or Latino origin.

In 2010 the central corridor was 35.0% Black, 55.4% White, 0.2% Native American/Alaska Native, 6.4% Asian, 2.2% Two or More Races, and 0.7% Some Other Race. 2.8% of the population was of Hispanic or Latino origin.

In 2010 the south side was 26.0% black, 65.4% white, 0.3% Native American/Alaska Native, 3.3% Asian, 3.0% Two or More Races, and 2.0% Some Other Race. 5.3% of the population was of Hispanic or Latino origin.

Aldermanic wards

The city can also be divided by the wards of the Board of Aldermen. These wards, however, change with every new census, and data is not as readily available for comparison across wards. Nevertheless, the wards are important in the functioning of the city, as the approval of the local Alderman is generally understood to be necessary before large projects may begin.


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