Nemat Abdullah Khair

Nemat Abdullah Mohamed Khair (Arabic: نعمات عبدالله محمد خير; other transliterations: Neemat, Nimat, Abdallah; born 1957) is a Sudanese judge of the Sudanese Supreme Court who became Chief Justice of Sudan (head of the Sudanese judiciary) on 10 October 2019.[1] As such, under Article 29.(3) of the August 2019 Draft Constitutional Declaration, she is also the president of the Supreme Court of Sudan and is "responsible for administering the judicial authority before the Supreme Judicial Council."[4][5] Khair is the first woman Chief Justice of Sudan.[6]

Nemat Abdullah Mohamed Khair
نعمات عبدالله محمد خير
Chief Justice of Sudan[1]
Assumed office
10 October 2019[1]
Prime MinisterAbdalla Hamdok
Personal details
Born1957 (age 6465)[2]
Al-Kamleen, Gezira, Sudan
Alma materCairo University
Known forFirst female Chief Justice of Sudan

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