Neo Democrats

The Neo Democrats was a pro-democracy, localist political group in Hong Kong composed mainly of former and disenchanted members of the Democratic Party New Territories East branch after the 2012 constitutional reform proposals. It had held one seat in the Legislative Council until Gary Fan lost his re-election in the 2016 Legislative Council election.[1] Fan won the seat back in the 2018 by-election, but lost his seat after a court declared that he was not duly elected.[2] It held 8 seats in the District Councils before its dissolution on 26 June 2021.[3]

Neo Democrats
ConvenorsYam Kai-bong
Chow Yuen-wai
Lui Man-kwong
Founded2 October 2010 (2010-10-02)
Dissolved26 June 2021 (2021-06-26)
Split fromDemocratic Party
HeadquartersFlat F, 22/F, 6–20
Yin Chong Street,
IdeologyLocalism (HK)
Liberalism (HK)
Regional affiliationPro-democracy camp
Colours  Gold/Orange
Neo Democrats
Traditional Chinese新民主同盟