Netherlands Armed Forces in Suriname

The Netherlands Armed Forces in Suriname (Troepenmacht in Suriname; TRIS, Dutch pronunciation: [trɪs]) was the military force maintained by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in its colony of Suriname (later known as the constituent country of Suriname), in the area that is now independent Republic of Suriname.

Netherlands Armed Forces in Suriname
Troepenmacht in Suriname
Emblem of the Netherlands Armed Forces in Suriname
Country Netherlands
Size636 personnel (1863)
299 personnel (1907)
3,850 personnel (1944)
Part of Royal Netherlands Army (1814–1868)
Ministry of the Colonies (1868–1957)
 Netherlands Armed Forces (1957–1975)
Anniversaries16 October
EngagementsNapoleonic Wars

Suppression of the 1929 Curaçao riots

World War II
TRIS troops in Fort Sommelsdijk (1884)
TRIS troops in a forest camp (c. 1904–1907)
TRIS monument, near Fort Zeelandia (Paramaribo)

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