New World Pictures

New World Pictures (also known as New World Entertainment and New World Communications Group, Inc.) was an American independent production, distribution, and (in its final years as an autonomous entity) multimedia company. It was founded in 1970 by Roger Corman and Gene Corman as New World Pictures, Ltd., a producer and distributor of motion pictures, eventually expanding into television production in 1984. New World eventually expanded into broadcasting with the acquisition of seven television stations in 1993, with the broadcasting unit expanding through additional purchases made during 1994.

New World Pictures
TypeHoldings company
PredecessorThe Filmgroup
FoundedJuly 8, 1970; 51 years ago (1970-07-08)
DefunctJanuary 22, 1997; 25 years ago (1997-01-22)[1]
FateAcquired by News Corporation
SuccessorVine Alternative Investments
The Walt Disney Company (content library)
Fox Corporation (broadcast stations)
Key people
ParentNews Corporation
DivisionsNew World Television

20th Century Fox (then owned by News Corporation), controlled by Rupert Murdoch, became a major investor in 1994 and purchased the company outright in 1997; the alliance with Murdoch, particularly through a group affiliation agreement with New World reached between the two companies in May 1994, helped to cement the Fox network as the fourth major U.S. television network.

Although effectively defunct, it continues to exist as holding companies within the Fox Corporation corporate structure along with various regional subsidiaries (e.g. "New World Communications of Tampa").

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