New Zealand Rugby

New Zealand Rugby (NZR) is the governing body of rugby union in New Zealand. It was founded in 1892 as the New Zealand Rugby Football Union (NZRFU), 12 years after the first provincial unions in New Zealand. In 1949 it became an affiliate to the International Rugby Football Board, now known as World Rugby, the governing body of rugby union for the world. It dropped the word "Football" from its name in 2006. The brand name New Zealand Rugby was adopted in 2013.[1] Officially, it is an incorporated society with the name New Zealand Rugby Union Incorporated.[2][3]

New Zealand Rugby
SportRugby union
Founded1892 (1892)
World Rugby affiliation1949
Oceania affiliation2000
PresidentBill Osborne
Mark Robinson
Men's coachIan Foster
Women's coachGlenn Moore
Sevens coachMen's: Clark Laidlaw
Women's: Allan Bunting / Cory Sweeney

The organisation's main objectives, as displayed in the NZR Constitution,[4] are to promote and develop rugby throughout New Zealand; arrange and participate in matches and tours in New Zealand and overseas; represent New Zealand in World Rugby; form and manage New Zealand representative teams; and encourage participation in the sport. NZR Headquarters are located in Wellington, New Zealand, with an office in Auckland.

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