New Zealand standard for school stationery

The New Zealand standard for school stationery (known formally as NZS 8132:1984 - Specification for school stationery) was established in 1984 by the 'Standards Association Ltd', New Zealand's national standards body. It specifies various types of stationery to ensure that different manufacturers produce compatible products of suitable quality. Standardisation enables schools and businesses to request or order appropriate stationery without regard for brand.

The original specifications were devised after consultation with the Department of Education and various teachers' organisations.[1] Products are defined by codes, according to their size, binding and format.

This document has been withdrawn without replacement.[2]

Part Index Code

  • Number for PRODUCT GROUP
    1 – 21
  • Letter for INNER FORMAT
    A – Z
  • Number for FINISHED SIZE
    1 – 10

Product Groups

1Exercise book (Stapled / Soft cover)
2Lecture Book (Sewn / Hardcovered)
3Notebook – Soft cover
4Notebook – Hard cover
5Indexed notebook – Soft cover
6Indexed notebook – Hard cover
7Lecture Pad
8Spiral Notebooks
9School Pads
10Newsprint Pads
11Typing Pads
12Loose Leaf Binders
14Accounting loose leaf refills
15Subject Dividers
16Journal Covers
17Drawing Refills
18Drawing Wallets
19Drawing Folios
21Reinforced loose leaf refills

Inner Format

B7mm Ruled
CUnruled cartridge
DDouble Ledger
E7mm Quad
F12mm Ruled
G25mm Ruled
H10mm Quad
I9mm Ruled
J5mm Quad
K2mm + 10mm Quad
LAlternate leaves 7mm ruled & unruled
NNatural folder manila
RCash 3 column
SMoney 8 Column
TCash 14 column
UTop 1/3 blank; bottom 2/3 12mm ruled
VUnruled bank paper
WUnruled bond paper (good quality)
ZColoured manila

Finished Size of Book

1Notebook 165 mm x 100 mm
2125 mm x 202 mm
3100 mm x 165 mm
4230 mm x 180 mm
5255 mm x 205 mm
6330 mm x 205 mm (Foolscap)
7210 mm x 148 mm (A5 - ISO 216)
8297 mm x 210 mm (A4 - ISO216)
9420 mm x 297 mm (A3 - ISO216)
10597 mm x 420 mm (A2 - ISO216)


  • Code details were sourced from information supplied by Croxley Stationery Ltd of New Zealand.