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News Corp Australia is one of Australia's largest media conglomerates, employing more than 8,000 staff nationwide and approximately 3,000 journalists. The group's interests span newspaper and magazine publishing, Internet, subscription television, market research, DVD and film distribution, and film and television production trading assets.[1] News Pty Limited (formerly News Limited) is the holding company of the group.

News Corp Australia
IndustryMass media
PredecessorNews Limited
FoundedAdelaide, South Australia
1923; 99 years ago (1923)
FounderJames Edward Davidson
Area served
Key people
Michael Miller
(Executive Chairman)
ServicesPay television
National Rugby League
Market research
DVD and film distribution
Film and television production
ParentNews Corp
SubsidiariesFoxtel (65%)
Brisbane Broncos (69%)
Australian News Channel

News Corp Australia owns approximately 142 daily, Sunday, weekly, bi-weekly, and tri-weekly newspapers, of which 102 are suburban publications (including 16 in which News Corp Australia has a 50% interest). News Corp Australia publishes a nationally distributed newspaper in Australia, a metropolitan newspaper in each of the Australian cities of Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, and Sydney, as well as groups of suburban newspapers in the suburbs of Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. The company publishes a further thirty magazine titles across Australia.[2] According to the Finkelstein Review of Media and Media Regulation, in 2011 the group accounted for 23% of the newspaper titles in Australia.[3]

With interests in digital media, the company's sites include, Business Spectator and Eureka Report,, and It has a 55% stake in which was sold in 2016, a share in REA Group that operates, as well as websites for most newspaper and magazine titles. The company's other Australian assets include Australian News Channel, 65% ownership of subscription television provider Foxtel, (which in turn owns Fox Sports Australia)[4] and shares in the Brisbane Broncos NRL team.

Until the formation of News Corporation in 1979, News Limited was the principal holding company for the business interests of Rupert Murdoch and his family. Since then, News Limited had been wholly owned by News Corporation. In 2004, News Corporation announced its intention to reincorporate to the United States. On 3 November News Corp Limited ceased trading on the Australian Stock Exchange; and on 8 November, News Corporation began trading on the New York Stock Exchange.[5] On 28 June 2013, News Corporation was split into two separate companies. Murdoch's newspaper interests became News Corp, which was the new parent company of News Limited.[6] The group adopted the new News Corp Australia name following the listing of the new News Corp on 1 July 2013.[7]

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