Nicolas Malebranche

Nicolas Malebranche Oratory of Jesus (/mælˈbrɒnʃ/ mal-BRONSH, French: [nikɔla malbʁɑ̃ʃ]; 6 August 1638 – 13 October 1715), was a French Oratorian[1] priest and rationalist philosopher. In his works, he sought to synthesize the thought of St. Augustine and Descartes, in order to demonstrate the active role of God in every aspect of the world. Malebranche is best known for his doctrines of vision in God, occasionalism and ontologism.

Nicolas Malebranche
Born(1638-08-06)6 August 1638
Died13 October 1715(1715-10-13) (aged 77)
Paris, Kingdom of France
Alma materUniversity of Paris (Collège de la Marche and Collège de Sorbonne)
Era17th-century philosophy
RegionWestern philosophy
Main interests
Metaphysics, epistemology
Notable ideas
Synthesis of the philosophies of St. Augustine and Descartes, occasionalism, ontologism, theodicy, vision in God