Nicomedes II of Bithynia

Nicomedes II Epiphanes (Greek: Νικομήδης ὁ Ἐπιφανής "Nicomedes God-Manifest") was the king of Bithynia from 149 to c. 127 BC. He was fourth in descent from Nicomedes I. Nicomedes II was the son and successor of Prusias II and Apame IV. His parents were related as they were maternal cousins.

Nicomedes II
King of Bithynia
Reign149 – 127 BC
PredecessorPrusias II
SuccessorNicomedes III
Died127 BC
IssueNicomedes III
GreekΝικομήδης Β΄
FatherPrusias II
MotherApame IV
ReligionGreek Polytheism