Nigerian bandit conflict

The bandit conflict in northwest Nigeria is an ongoing conflict between the country's government and various gangs and ethnic militias. Starting in 2011, the insecurity left from the conflict between the Fulani and Hausa ethnic groups quickly allowed other criminal and jihadist elements to form in the region.

Nigerian bandit conflict
Part of Herder–farmer conflicts in Nigeria
Throughout northwest Nigeria
Status Ongoing


Vigilante groups

  • Vigilante Group of Nigeria

Various gangs

  • Hausa militias
  • Fulani militias

Alleged involvement

Commanders and leaders
Muhammadu Buhari
LTG Farouk Yahaya
LTG Tukur Yusuf Buratai
Maj Gen Adeniyi Oyebade
Maj Gen Aminu Bande
Air Mshl Sadique Abubakar
Maj Gen Hussein Ahmed [2]
Kachalla Halilu[3]
Dogo Gide[4]
Kachalla Turji[5]
Sani Mochoko
Bello Turji
Sani Buta
Ali Kachalla[6]
Mani Na Saleh[7]
Adamu Aliero Yankuzo[8]
Abubakar Ali (POW)[9]
Jack Bros Yellow (POW)[10]
Goma Sama’ila (POW)[11]
Dan Karami (WIA)
Auwalun Daudawa [12]
Alhaji Karki [13]
Buharin Daji [14]
Damina  [15]
Other local commanders
Units involved

8 division[16]
1 Mechanized Division

  • 312 Field Artillery Regiment
  • 31 Artillery Brigade
  • 223 Armored Battalion
  • 2 Battalion
207 Quick Response Group[17]
Unknown 30,000+ Zamfara State[18]
Casualties and losses
1 Alpha Jet[19]
At least 12,000 killed[20]
450,000 people displaced[21]

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