Nina (Dalayrac)

Nina, ou La folle par amour (Nina, or The Woman Crazed with Love) is an opéra-comique in one act by the French composer Nicolas Dalayrac. It was first performed on 15 May 1786 by the Comédie-Italienne at the first Salle Favart in Paris. The libretto, by Benoît-Joseph Marsollier des Vivetières, is based on a short story by Baculard d'Arnaud.

Opéra-comique by Nicolas Dalayrac
Louise Dugazon in the title role
LibrettistBenoît-Joseph Marsollier des Vivetières
Based onShort story by Baculard d'Arnaud
15 May 1786 (1786-05-15)

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