Hartvig Nissen School

The Hartvig Nissen School (Norwegian: Hartvig Nissens skole), informally referred to as Nissen, is a gymnasium in Oslo, Norway. It is located in the neighborhood Uranienborg in the affluent West End borough of Frogner. It is Norway's oldest high school for girls and is widely considered one of the country's two most prestigious high schools alongside the traditionally male-only Oslo Cathedral School; its alumni include many [quantify] famous individuals and two members of the Norwegian royal family.

Hartvig Nissen School
Hartvig Nissens skole
Hartvig Nissens School
Niels Juels gate 56, Oslo

Coordinates59°55′07″N 10°43′00″E
School typePublic secondary school
Founded1849; 173 years ago (1849)
PrincipalEva Blomfeldt
Age range16–19
Classes offeredGeneral education

Originally named Nissen's Girls' School, it was founded by Hartvig Nissen and was originally a private girls' school which was owned by its headmasters and which served the higher bourgeoisie. The school formerly also had its own teachers college. The school and its teachers college have the distinction of being both the first gymnasium and the first higher education institution in Norway which admitted females, and the school and its owners played a key role in promoting female education during the 19th and early 20th century.

The school was located at the address Rosenkrantz' Gade 7 from 1849 to 1860 and at the address Øvere Voldgade 15 from 1860 to 1899. Then-owner-headmaster Bernhard Pauss moved the school to its current address, Niels Juels gate 56, and commissioned the construction of the current school building which was completed in 1899. In 1991 the school also acquired the building of its former neighbours Frogner School and Haagaas School at Niels Juels gate 52.

The TV series Skam was centered on the school. [citation needed]

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