The Nlakaʼpamux or Nlakapamuk[2] (/ɪŋkləˈkæpmə/ ing-klə-KAP-mə;[3] Salish: [nɬeʔképmx]), also previously known as the Thompson, Thompson River Salish, Thompson Salish, Thompson River Indians or Thompson River people, and historically as the Klackarpun,[4] Haukamaugh, Knife Indians, and Couteau Indians, are an Indigenous First Nations people of the Interior Salish language group in southern British Columbia. Their traditional territory includes parts of the North Cascades region of Washington.

Total population
3,105[1] (2016 census)
Regions with significant populations
Canada (British Columbia),
United States (Washington)
English, Nlakaʼpamuctsin
Christianity (Anglicanism and Catholicism), Animism
Related ethnic groups
Okanagan, Nicola people, Nicola Athapaskans
Flag of the Nlakaʼpamux Nation

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