Nobile (aristocracy)

Nobile, traditionally abbreviated to Nob., is an Italian hereditary title borne by a noble who ranks similarly or just below a baron, similar to the rank of Baronet in England or Ritter in Germany.[1] Unlike higher Italian titles which are typically referred to in lieu of an individual's name, nobile is used immediately before the given and surnames, usually in the abbreviated form Nob..

Coronet of an Italian noble

It is often abbreviated to "N.H." for men or "N.D." for women, just prior to the first name.

The word “nobile” is derived from the Latin “nobilis”, meaning honourable.

The heraldic coronet of a nobile consists of a jewelled circlet of gold surmounted by five pearls, either on stems or set directly upon the rim. The armorial shield of a nobile is surmounted by a silver helm displayed in a ¾ side-view and surmounted by the coronet already described. It is typically displayed above the shield in the full heraldic achievement associated with a noble's specific title.