Nordkalottfolket (lit.'North Calotte People', NKF) is a Sámi political party in Norway. It was first established in 2005 and contested the 2005 election as the Finnmark List (Norwegian: Finnmarkslista), but was renamed in 2009 to its current name. The NKF has been led by Arne Kristian Vestre since 2022.

LeaderArne Kristian Vestre
Sámi interests
Kven interests
Norwegian interests
Sámi Parliament
9 / 39

The party advocates for a multicultural and egalitarian approach towards the peoples of the north, including the Sámi, Kven, and Norwegian people. The NKF states that it wishes for equal opportunity for all Northern people on the Cap of the North (Norwegian: Nordkalotten). This position informs its stances on local issues such as land and water rights, reindeer husbandry, and the outfield industry. Its approach has been described as populist and its rhetoric has been compared to that of the Progress Party.

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