North Frisian Islands

The North Frisian Islands (Öömrang and Fering North Frisian: Nuurdfresk Eilunen, Söl'ring North Frisian: Nuurđfriisk Ailönen, Danish: Nordfrisiske Øer, German: Nordfriesische Inseln) are the Frisian Islands off the coast of North Frisia.

North Frisian Islands
LocationNorth Sea
Total islands13
Major islandsSylt, Föhr, Amrum, Pellworm
Ethnic groupsGermans, Frisians, Danes

The term covers both the North Frisian Islands in the narrow sense (in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) and the Danish Wadden Sea Islands (in Denmark). However, culturally and linguistically, the Danish islands are usually not reckoned as being part of North Frisia, since they are not inhabited by native speakers of the North Frisian language. Occasionally, the remote island of Heligoland is also included in this group for reasons of administrative convenience, despite not being located in the Wadden Sea, since the island is home to its own unique dialect of Frisian.

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