North Riding of Yorkshire

The North Riding of Yorkshire is a subdivision of Yorkshire, England, alongside York, the East Riding and West Riding. The riding's highest point is at Mickle Fell with 2,585 ft (788 metres).

County of York, North Riding
Official flag of the North Riding of Yorkshire
Flag of North Riding (2013)

North Riding shown within England
  19111,359,600 acres (5,502 km2)
  19611,376,607 acres (5,570.93 km2)
  CreatedAncient (as a county in 1889)
  Succeeded byNorth Yorkshire
Cleveland (1974-1996)
County Durham
then Administrative county
Chapman codeNRY
GovernmentNorth Riding County Council (1889–1974)
Arms of the County Council of the North Riding of Yorkshire
Coat of arms of North Riding County Council

From the Restoration it was used as a lieutenancy area, having been previously part of the Yorkshire lieutenancy. Each riding was treated as a county for many purposes, such as quarter sessions. An administrative county, based on the riding, was created with a county council in 1889 under the Local Government Act 1888. In 1974 both the administrative county and the North Riding of Yorkshire lieutenancy were abolished, replaced in most of the riding by the non-metropolitan county and lieutenancy of North Yorkshire.

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