North Wales (Senedd electoral region)

North Wales (Welsh: Gogledd Cymru) is an electoral region of the Senedd, consisting of nine constituencies. The region elects thirteen members, nine directly elected constituency members and four additional members. The electoral region was first used in the 1999 Welsh Assembly election, when the National Assembly for Wales was created.

North Wales
Gogledd Cymru
Senedd electoral region
North Wales shown within Wales
Current representation
Labour5 MSs
Conservative5 MSs
Plaid Cymru3 MSs
1. Aberconwy
2. Alyn and Deeside
3. Arfon
4. Clwyd South
5. Clwyd West
6. Delyn
7. Vale of Clwyd
8. Wrexham
9. Ynys Môn
Preserved counties
Gwynedd (part)

Each constituency elects one Member of the Senedd by the first past the post electoral system, and the region as a whole elects four additional or top-up Members of the Senedd, to create a degree of proportional representation. The additional member seats are allocated from closed lists by the D'Hondt method, with constituency results being taken into account in the allocation.