Nostalgia industry

Nostalgia Industry is the monetization of humans' natural tendencies to wish to relive and enhance fond memories. Classic examples of this are the tendencies of colleges and universities (and approved license-holders) to sell memorabilia and other items to alumni and their family in an effort to help recapture memories and recruit the next generation of alumni.

Nostalgia is also becoming heavily monetized by the publishing industry. One factor leading to the growth of the 'digital nostalgia industry' comes from a change in the demographics of Facebook user signups. Facebook has been "seeing a decline in activity from its youngest users. Growth continues, but it is coming from users age 55 and older."[1] A combined study by Buffer and Buzzsumo starting in 2017 showed "engagement has dropped by more than 50% over the last 18 months".[2] Despite the overall decline in engagement, many nostalgia-themed Facebook pages, and digital publishers[3][circular reference] with nostalgia-themed websites have seen continued growth along with new monetization opportunities.[4]

Grafton Tanner claims the increase of surveillant digital technologies in the twenty-first century has partly caused the rise of a lucrative nostalgia industry, which, he writes, "repackages representations of pre-9/11 pop culture." These representations, he notes, sell "the fantasy of a life lived without digital technologies."[5]

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