Numantia (Spanish: Numancia) was an ancient Celtiberian settlement, whose remains are located 7 km north of the city of Soria, on a hill known as Cerro de la Muela in the municipality of Garray.[1]

Modern reconstruction of the walls of Numantia
Location of the site in Spain
LocationProvince of Soria, Castile and León, Spain
Coordinates41°48′34.51″N 2°26′39.33″W

Numantia is famous for its role in the Celtiberian Wars. In 153 BC Numantia experienced its first serious conflict with Rome. After 20 years of hostilities, in 133 BC the Roman Senate gave Scipio Aemilianus Africanus the task of destroying Numantia. He laid siege to the city, erecting a nine-kilometre fence supported by towers, moats, impaling rods and so on. After 13 months of siege, the Numantians decided to burn the city before surrendering.