SAN 511

The SAN 511, formerly OM 50 Nemesis,[1] is a bolt action sniper rifle made by Swiss manufacturer Swiss Arms (formerly AMSD). It was created in early 21st century. It fires the .50 BMG cartridge.[2] It is a derivative of the French sniper rifle Hecate II made by the manufacturer PGM. It has a reported accuray of 0.5 minute of arc (MOA) at 300 m (980 ft) and under 1 MOA at 1,000 m (3,300 ft).[3]

SAN 511 / OM 50 Nemesis
TypeBolt-action sniper rifle
Place of originSwitzerland
Production history
ManufacturerSwiss Arms (formerly AMSD)
Mass12 to 15 kg (26 to 33 lb)
Length1,100 to 1,500 mm (43 to 59 in)

Caliber.50 BMG
Barrels380 to 810 mm (15 to 32 in)