Oblasts of Ukraine

An oblast (Ukrainian: область), in English referred to as a region, refers to one of Ukraine's 24 primary administrative units. Ukraine is a unitary state, thus the regions do not have much legal scope of competence other than that which is established in the Ukrainian Constitution and by law. Articles 140–146 of Chapter XI of the constitution deal directly with local authorities and their competency.

Oblasts of Ukraine
CategorySubdivision of a unitary state
Location Ukraine
  • 27 February 1932 (89 years ago) (1932-02-27)
Number24 (as of 1991)
Populations904,374 (Chernivtsi) – 4,165,901 (Donetsk)
Areas8,100 km2 (3,126 sq mi) (Chernivtsi) – 33,300 km2 (12,860 sq mi) (Odessa)
  • Oblast State Administration,
    Oblast Council

Oblasts are further subdivided into raions (districts), ranging in number from 11 to 27 per entity.[1]