Opština, općina, občina, obshtina or obshchina, Cyrillic: општина, опћина or община, is a local government unit, most commonly translated as municipality in English. It is used by the following countries:

Country Singular Dual Plural related article
Bosnia and Herzegovina općina / опћина, opština / општина   općine / опћине, opštine / општине municipalities of Bosnia and Herzegovina (3rd level in FB&H, 2nd level in RS; see also City#Municipal services)
Bulgaria община (obshtina)   общини (obshtini) municipalities of Bulgaria (2nd level)
Croatia općina   općine municipalities of Croatia (2nd level)
North Macedonia општина (opština)   oпштини (opštini) municipalities of North Macedonia (1st level)
Kosovo[a] општина / opština   oпштине / opštine municipalities of Kosovo (Albanian: komuna, plural: komunë)[1][2] (1st level)
Montenegro opština / општина   opštine / oпштине municipalities of Montenegro (1st level)
Russia община (obshchina)   общины (obshchiny) commune, plural: communes
Serbia општина / opština   oпштине / opštine municipalities of Serbia (2nd level)
Slovenia občina občini občine municipalities of Slovenia (1st level)

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