Ocmulgee River

The Ocmulgee River (/ɒkˈmʌlɡ/) is a western tributary of the Altamaha River, approximately 255 mi (410 km) long, in the U.S. state of Georgia. It is the westernmost major tributary of the Altamaha.[1] It was formerly known by its Hitchiti name of Ocheese Creek, from which the Creek (Muscogee) people derived their name.

Ocmulgee River
Ocmulgee River in Telfair County
Map of the Ocmulgee River watershed highlighted; river is dark blue
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
SourceConfluence of South, Yellow, and Alcovy rivers
  locationLloyd Shoals Dam
  coordinates33°19′15″N 83°50′39″W
MouthAltamaha River
Length255 mi (410 km)
Basin features
  leftSouth River
  rightYellow River, Alcovy River

The Ocmulgee River and its tributaries provide drainage for some 6,180 square miles in parts of 33 Georgia counties, a large section of the Piedmont and coastal plain of central Georgia.[1]

The Ocmulgee River basin has three river subbasins designated by the U.S. Geological Survey: the Upper Ocmulgee River subbasin (hydrologic unit code 03070103); the Lower Ocmulgee River Subbasin (03070104); and the Little Ocmulgee River Subbasin (03070105).[2]

The name of the river may have come from a Hitchiti words oki ("water") plus molki ("bubbling" or "boiling"),[3] possibly meaning "where the water boils up."[1]

Ocmulgee River Looking southeast toward Second Street in Macon, Georgia

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