Order of Australia

The Order of Australia is an honour that recognises Australian citizens and other persons for outstanding achievement and service.[2] It was established on 14 February 1975 by Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia, on the advice of the Australian Government. Before the establishment of the order, Australian citizens received British honours.

Order of Australia
Insignia of a Knight/Dame of the Order of Australia
Awarded by Monarch of Australia
TypeNational order
EligibilityAll living Australian citizens
Awarded forAchievement and merit in service to Australia or humanity
StatusCurrently constituted
Sovereign HeadQueen Elizabeth II
ChancellorDavid Hurley
  • Companion (AC)
  • Officer (AO)
  • Member (AM)
  • Medal (OAM)

  • Awarded in:
  •   General Division
  •   Military Division
  •   As an Honorary award
Former gradesKnight/Dame (AK/AD)[note 1]
First induction14 April 1975
Last induction26 January 2022
Total inductees
  • AK – 15
  • AD – 4
  • AC – 612
  • AO – 3,390
  • AM – 12,080
  • OAM – 28,055[1][note 2]
Ribbons: general division; military division

The Queen of Australia is sovereign head of the order, [3][4] while the Governor-General of Australia is the principal companion/dame/knight (as relevant at the time) and chancellor of the order. The governor-general's official secretary, currently Paul Singer,[when?] is secretary of the order. Appointments are made by the Governor-General on behalf of the Queen of Australia, based on recommendations made by the Council of the Order of Australia. (Recent knighthoods and damehoods were recommended to the Governor-General by the Prime Minister of Australia).

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