Old Italic scripts

The Old Italic scripts are a family of similar ancient writing systems used in the Italian Peninsula between around 700 and 100 BC, for various languages spoken in that time and place.[citation needed] The most notable member is the Etruscan alphabet, which was the immediate ancestor of the Latin alphabet currently used by English and many other languages of the world. [citation needed] The runic alphabets used in northern Europe are believed to have been separately derived from one of these alphabets by the 2nd century AD.[citation needed]

Old Italic
An inscription from the Marsiliana tablet, around 700 BC
Script type
Directionright-to-left script, left-to-right 
Related scripts
Parent systems
ISO 15924
ISO 15924Ital, 210 , Old Italic (Etruscan, Oscan, etc.)
Unicode alias
Old Italic
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