Information Today

Information Today, Inc., is an American publishing company. It publishes Internet and technology magazines, newsletters, books, directories and online products.[1]

Information Today
FoundedJune 1, 1985
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationMedford, New Jersey, United States
Publication typesMagazines, newsletters, and books
Nonfiction topicsInternet, knowledge management, library science
ImprintsPlexus, CyberAge Books
No. of employees150

Information Today was previously known as Learned Information, Inc. Learned Information incorporated on June 1, 1980; the name change was effective June 1, 1995.[2] Learned Information Ltd, an affiliate based in Oxford, England, remained Information Today's European distributor after the name change. Likewise, Information Today remained Learned Information Ltd's distributor.[3]

As of January 2000, Information Today published Information Today, a newsletter (published at least since 1987[4]), and other products geared toward "information users and professionals".[5] That year, it bought Knowledge Asset Media, a company with a similar focus on knowledge management.[5] As of 2012, Information Today ran a conference called Internet Librarian.[6]

Information Today was founded by Thomas Hogan and Roger Bilboul.[7] Its headquarters are in Medford, New Jersey.[1]

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