Operation Coronado V

Operation Coronado V was a riverine military operation conducted by the U.S. Mobile Riverine Force (MRF) and elements of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam from 12 September to 5 October 1967 in an attempt to shut down Viet Cong (VC) strongholds in the Mekong Delta.[1]:50 The first part of the operation took place in Định Tường Province (now Tiền Giang Province). After receiving intelligence that the VC 263rd Main Force battalion had been seen in the region, three Allied battalions were brought in on 12 September by helicopters and boats. Immediately there was heavy contact, and although the Allies reported killing 134, the majority of the VC escaped. Sweeps of the area resulted in another major confrontation with the VC on 15 September. During the four-day period, U.S. and ARVN reported 213 VC killed. The Allied forces then moved into adjoining Kiến Hòa Province (now Bến Tre Province). From 5–7 October another encounter with the VC 263rd Battalion resulted and the Allies reported 163 VC killed while losing seven.

Operation Coronado V
Part of Operation Coronado, Vietnam War
Date12 September 7 October 1967
Result Allied victory
 United States
 South Vietnam
Viet Cong
Commanders and leaders
BG William B. Fulton
Units involved
United States 3rd Battalion, 47th Infantry Regiment
United States 60th Infantry Regiment
South Vietnam Định Tường Province Regional Forces
263rd Battalion
Casualties and losses
23 killed US body count: 376 killed

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