Operation Dragon Rouge

Operation Dragon Rouge was a hostage rescue operation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo conducted by Belgium and the United States in 1964. The operation was led by the Belgian Paracommando Regiment to rescue hostages held by Simba rebels in the city of Stanleyville.

Operation Dragon Rouge
Part of the Simba rebellion during the Congo Crisis

Belgian paratrooper with hostages killed minutes before their arrival
Date24 November 1964 (1964-11-24)
Stanleyville, Congo-Léopoldville

Belgian–American success

  • Most hostages rescued
  • Rebels defeated
Supported by:
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Simba rebels
Commanders and leaders
350 paratroopers[2]
5 C-130 aircraft
128 commandos[3]
500-600 rebels
Casualties and losses
2 killed
12 wounded
99 killed
134 wounded
20 captured
24 hostages killed

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