Operation Rum Punch

Operation Rum Punch or Operation Rampunch[4] was a military action undertaken by United Nations peacekeeping forces on 28 August 1961 against the military of the State of Katanga, a secessionist state from the Republic of the Congo in central Africa. UN troops arrested 79 foreign mercenaries and officers employed by Katanga with little conflict.

Operation Rum Punch
Part of the Congo Crisis
Élisabethville (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Élisabethville and various localities in northern Katanga
Commanded by
ObjectiveArrest of European mercenaries employed by the State of Katanga
Date28 August 1961
04:00 15:00
Executed by ONUC[lower-alpha 1]
  • 79 European mercenaries and officers of Katanga arrested
  • 14 Katangese aircraft seized
Casualties1 ONUC soldier wounded[lower-alpha 2]

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