Order of Al-Hussein bin Ali

The Order of al-Hussein bin Ali is the highest order of the Kingdom of Jordan. It was founded on 22 June 1949 with one class (i.e. Collar) by King Abdullah I of Jordan with the scope of rewarding benevolence and foreign Heads of State. The class of Grand Cordon was introduced by King Hussein on 23 September 1967.

Order of al-Hussein bin Ali
Wisam al-Hussain ibn Ali
Collar & Grand Cordon of the Order al-Hussein bin Ali
Awarded by  Jordan
Awarded fordistinguished services, moral aid or volunteerism in the service of the masses
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignAbdullah II of Jordan
Grand Cordon
Next (lower)Supreme Order of the Renaissance

Ribbon bar of the order


  • The collar is made of a double chain in gold and enamel with alterning golden stars of five points and small dark red-enamelled flowers decorated in gold with sentences in Arabic
  • The badge is made of a gold-and-diamond oval with at its centre a dark radiating red disc with a golden sentence in Arabic. The badge is hung to the Grand Cordon through ua golden royal crown.
  • The plaque has the same design as the badge.
  • The ribbon of the class of Grand Cordon is violet. The class of Collar has no ribbon.




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