Order of Saint Stephen of Hungary

The Order of Saint Stephen (Hungarian: Szent István rend) was an order of knighthood founded by Maria Theresa in 1764. In 1938, Miklós Horthy took the rights and activities of Grand Master as Regent of Hungary. The name of the Order changed to The Royal Hungarian Order of Saint Stephen (German: Königlich Ungarischer Sankt-Stephans-Orden, Latin: Ordo Equitum Sancti Stephani Regis (Hungariae) Apostolici). The Order was terminated at the time of the proclamation of the Republic of Hungary in 1946. It was recreated in 2011 as the Hungarian Order of Saint Stephen, and to this day remains the highest order in Hungary.[1][2][3]

Royal Hungarian Order of Saint Stephen, Grand Cross
Cape and gown of a knight of the order
Order of Saint Stephen
Awarded by The Head of the House of Habsburg
TypeDynastic order
Royal houseHouse of Habsburg
Religious affiliationRoman Catholic
SovereignArchduke Karl
Grand MasterArchduke Georg

Ribbon of the order