Ostromir Gospels

The Ostromir Gospels (Russian: Остромирово Евангелие) is the second oldest dated East Slavic book. (Archeologists have dated the Novgorod Codex, a wax writing tablet with excerpts from the Psalms, discovered in 2000, to an earlier time range, but unlike the Ostromir Gospels it does not contain an explicit date.). The Ostromir Gospels was created by deacon Gregory for his patron, Posadnik Ostromir of Novgorod, in 1056 or 1057 (the year 6564, in his dating system), probably as a gift for a monastery.

The Ostromir Gospels, written in the Church Slavonic with many spellings reflecting the East Slavic recension, is famous for its brilliant miniatures. The opening of the Gospel of Saint John, with his Evangelist portrait.