Otira Tunnel

The Otira Tunnel is a railway tunnel on the Midland Line in the South Island of New Zealand, between Otira and Arthur's Pass. It runs under the Southern Alps from Arthur's Pass to Otira – a length of over 8.5 kilometres (5.3 mi). The gradient is mainly 1 in 33, and the Otira end of the tunnel is over 250 m (820 ft) lower than the Arthur's Pass end.

Otira Tunnel
Otira Tunnel during construction, ca 1910
LineMidland Line
LocationSouthern Alps, South Island, New Zealand
CoordinatesNorth (West coast) portal: 42.8625°S 171.5487°E / -42.8625; 171.5487
East (Canterbury) portal: 42.9392°S 171.5630°E / -42.9392; 171.5630
StartOtira, West Coast
EndArthur's Pass Canterbury
Opened4 August 1923
OperatorKiwiRail, The Great Journeys of New Zealand
CharacterSingle bore rail tunnel
Line length8566 m
Track gauge1067 mm (3' 6")

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