1919 Ottawa municipal election

The city of Ottawa, Canada held municipal elections on January 6, 1919 to elect members of the 1919 Ottawa City Council.

The election saw a woman elected in the city for the first time, with Marion McDougall (wife of the late John Lorn McDougall)[1] being elected as a public school trustee in Dalhousie Ward.

Mayor of Ottawa

Fisher won seven of the city's nine wards, while Parent won the city's two francophone wards, By and Ottawa.

Candidate Votes %
Harold Fisher7,62462.16
Rufus H. Parent4,64237.84


Ottawa Electric Railway to be taken over and run by a commission before 1923.
Option Votes %
Ottawa Electric Railway to be taken over and run by a commission in 1923.
Option Votes %
Ottawa Electric Railway to be taken over and run by a commission.
Option Votes %
By-law to provide for an expenditure of $150,000 on a bridge of the Rideau Canal at Somerset Street
Option Votes %

The plebiscite lost in all but three wards, but won St. George Ward (which the bridge would connect with Downtown) by a large enough margin to pass city-wide by just nine votes. [2] Despite the result, a bridge would not be built at that location until the Corktown Footbridge was built in 2006.

By-law to secure authority to expend $150,000 on the establishment and maintenance of a civic coal yard
Option Votes %

Ottawa Board of Control

(4 elected)

Candidate Votes %
Frank H. Plant6,66618.54
Joseph Kent6,50118.08
Napoleon Champagne6,20617.26
J. W. Nelson5,29814.74
James Muir5,22914.55
Thomas Brethour4,98513.87
Peter Glavey1,0622.95

Ottawa City Council

(2 elected from each ward)

Rideau Ward
Candidate Votes %
Douglas H. Macdonald35233.78
Breary Slinn28527.35
William Cherry20619.77
By Ward
Candidate Votes %
Edward Gaulin65237.86
Fred Desjardins61335.60
St. George Ward
Candidate Votes %
Walter Cunningham
Wilfrid J. Grace
Wellington Ward
Candidate Votes %
James D. Denny
Charles R. Stephen
Capital Ward
Candidate Votes %
Arthur R. Ford1,41735.35
William Y. Denison1,09427.30
Dalhousie Ward
Candidate Votes %
John P. Balharrie1,18131.82
James A. Forward94425.44
Victoria Ward
Candidate Votes %
Ernest Laroche Acclaimed
David Rice Acclaimed
Ottawa Ward
Candidate Votes %
Joseph Albert Pinard85036.39
Waldo Guertin63327.10
Central Ward
Candidate Votes %
John F. McKinley Acclaimed
Charles Pepper Acclaimed


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